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"The Floras ALWAYS bring a wonderful time to my residents."

- Amber West ~ Gable Pines Life Enrichment Director

"I've hired Mark & Lisa Flora for years. They are THE BEST!"

- Cindy Jacobson ~ Walker Methodist Assisted Living Life Enrichment Director

The Floras are a husband & wife singing duo with decades of performing experience.


Mark and Lisa met in Clark, SD in 1989 and Mark knew this certain farmer's daughter was meant to be his beloved. They've partnered in life and music, marrying in 1996 and having two daughters.


The constant call of Gospel and Americana music has brought them into a rewarding life of singing for a living.


The Floras have performed at many state fairs, county fairs, theaters, churches, city events, private parties, assisted/senior living centers and funerals. They enjoy it all.

In fact, their motto is:


"We sing for people."


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